Thoroughbred – Ashleigh’s Hope, By Joanna Campbell – Book Review

This book review is a review that I wrote as a project for my 5th grade class. (I got 100 on it!!) :) <3. I recommend this book for kids who love horses.

This book takes place in present Kentucky horse country on a farm called Edgardale. The genre of the book is realistic fiction. Ashleigh’s Hope is the last book in the Thoroughbred series of 8 books.

Book cover of Thoroughbred - Ashleigh’s Hope By Joanna Campbell
Book cover of Thoroughbred – Ashleigh’s Hope By Joanna Campbell
The main character of this book is Ashleigh. She is obsessed with horses and uses all of her free time for horseback riding. Her favorite thing to do on horses is to ride fast. When she is galloping her Shetland pony, Moe, she feels like she belongs in the wind and on a fast racing horse. But her lifelong dream is to own her own horse – a Thoroughbred. Throughout the book she keeps begging her parents to be able to own her own horse.  I am similar to Ashleigh because I love riding. (Just like her.) When I was in Europe, all my free time I was riding.

The major problem in the story is that when Ashleigh is accepted in the Chesterton Riding Academy, she faces challenges because some mean girls try to ruin her chance to compete by spreading oil on her saddle, and covering her class horse in glitter. (Just to name a few.) For me it is easy to synthesize with Ashleigh because riding is the only thing she ever loved, and now these mean girls are trying to ruin it for her.   She attempts to solve the problem by just dealing with the mean girls and keep cleaning things they messed up.

I can make a connection between the book and my friend’s life because she used to take riding lessons. Also I can make a connection to a book called Wonder’s Pride because it is also about a girl who loves horses. The last connection that I can make is to my own life because I also love horseback riding so I know how Ashleigh feels.

Inside of the book Thoroughbred Ashleigh's Hope by Joanna Campbell
Inside of the book Thoroughbred Ashleigh’s Hope by Joanna Campbell

In this book, I like how the author writes because she says something exiting but then you have to wait for the next chapter to find out what happened! She also was very good at describing Ashleigh’s passion for riding. I think this book was a successful example of realistic fiction because it tells a story that could happen in real life. I would rate this book as a 10. It is a great book because it describes all the details you need to understand the book and how the main character feels. When I finished the book, I had no questions. But I do wish there were more books in the series!

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