The Environment and Why I am Scared

So before I get into this I would like to say a few tings, I respect you and your opinion even if I do not agree; I am writing this because this is something I am passionate about and writing is also one of my passions I did more; lastly please don’t come for me, this is creative and not meant to start any arguments.

So I have had a deep connection with the environment from the time I was little. My mom always tells me stories of when I was little and sick or couldn’t sleep she would take me outside and I would calm right down and be ready to sleep. stop crying or calm down. This relationship developed with me; I spent the majority of my childhood outside and exploring. I want to camp to learn about the environment and volunteered my time to conservation. I am soon going to be going to college and majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering to again be with the environment and do my part.

One of my main goals in life is to make a difference, not in the way that normal people want. I don’t want to be famous or be rich or have the need to leave this planet being remembered. I want to make a difference for my home, earth. And I almost hate to say it but we as humans have really dropped the ball on this one. I myself want to do all I can to protect our environment and hopefully even reverse some damage.

So lets be real, don’t come at me but I am just going to say it, global climate change is real and its scary. As a young adult I am watching the world and wondering how long it will be here, how long we can go on ignoring our problems and pretend to be oblivious. I watch politicians on the news every day saying crap like “it’s cold so global warming is not real”. First of all is called global climate change and it means the climate of out planet is changing faster then normal/natural. It definitely does not mean the everything is just warming up, but hat s a huge part of it.

I am not really sure what my pint with this post is but I want to say to whoever will read this or even just to write it down that I am scared and I am not too proud to admit that I am scared because this is our home, our lifeboat that we are cutting into and about to sink. And it frustrates me that the “adults” of this world, the ones we are supposed to trust to take care of problems until the new generation takes over is really screwing up and not doing their jobs. They are leaving a path of destruction and not leaving us enough time to clean it up before it is too late (not to even mention that it is not us that should be cleaning up the messes of the adults not acting like responsible adults).

And I think that is all I have to say for now, thank you for reading if you did; I would love to know what you think in the comments but please do be respectful, I am simply sharing my opinion and I would love to hear yours too. Until next time -Adria

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