Stolen Words is a book about how a family overcomes their sadness about their Aunt Beth, who died in a car accident with Mom sitting right next to her. The car accident happened because of black ice. Mom is in an especially big depression not only because Aunt Beth was her sister but also because she was sitting next to her in the car when she died.

Book cover of Stolen Words by Amy Goldman Koss.

This is the cover of Stolen Words. I think the artwork is very nice; I like how it’s a painting but it looks like a real picture. The contrast is very nice and detailed.

A girl named Robyn and her family, consisting of her, Mom, Dad, and her little brother Joey, go to Vienna, Austria for a vacation. Robyn has high hopes for their vacation because she hopes that it will help Mom overcome her sadness and brig the family back together.

When they got to Vienna, they went to their first hotel and it turned out to be so beautiful that it was unbelievable. It was a luxury hotel that had golden trims, fuzzy bathrobes and amazing food. Mom still wasn’t talking or smiling so she probably didn’t even care.  In the morning Joey wanted to climb a tower, so they did.

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