The cover of the book Step Inside Egypt.

The cover of the book Step Inside Egypt, by Ronne Randall

Egypt is a country in Africa. The Nile River is the life sourse for Egypt. One of the earliest civilizations started in Egypt. Egypt is also a wonderful place to learn about. Here are some cool and fun facts to help you start learning about Egypt. Have fun!


In Egypt there were always lots of parties to celebrate great accomplishments like finishing the pyramid for a faro ( faro is another word for Egypt’s king ), or finishing another great progect  While the grown ups are at the party, the children can stay up with them but in a different room playing games and relaxing whine the grown ups are at the party.


When people die in Egypt, they get mummified, or wrapped in a paper type thing so their bodies will get preserved for years to come. A body is prepared for mummification by betting all of it’s internal organs, and then it is mummified. After it is mummified it is put into a wooden case that is beautify hand painted. Then there is a parade to the pyramid that the mummy will be buried in. All of Egypt’s kings are buried with lots of gold, valuables, and other things that they would need for their afterlife. Only a faro is buried in a pyramid, ordinary people like you and me would be buried in smaller building type things or sand mounds. If the mummies were not ever mummified, then we would not know about any of them today.

A funeral procession for a rich person that died. This is the inside of the book

This is the inside of the book showing a funeral procession for a rich person who died.


There is still a lot to learn about Egypt so red this book and other books about Egypt. Egypt  has a lot of rich history, so keep reading! :)