In a big house in the country, lived Matilda with her Mother, Father and brother. Matilda is an extraordinary girl because she loves to read. In a normal household reading is a part of every day life, not in this family. All that Matilda’s Mother, Father and brother would ever do, was watch TV and yell at Matilda for any old reason.

Father is a rotten, cheating car seller. He would do illegal tricks to make the car look new, and sell the cars for more than they are worth! After the costumer drove a few miles, the engine would stop and the miles would shoot back up! He made a lot of money on that. Mother would always go to the next town and play bingo; at night she would bring home disgusting fish and chips from the fish and chips place next door. When she got home, the whole family including Matilda would sit down in front of the telly and eat their bad dinner. Matilda very much dislikes the telly, so she learned to get her mother’s cook book and read. Now here is another thing you must learn about this family… they HATE books. This is why Matilda is extraordinary, she loves books.

When Matilda’s mom leaves for bingo, her dad leaves to sell rotten cars, and her brother goes to his snotty private school, Matilda is left all alone. Every morning she studies the town map.

And on one particular day, she finds one place that she wants to go to… the Library. So she goes outside and soon she is on her way to the library. When she gets there, she asks the libraian where the children’s books are, and she picks out 3 books to take home for the week. When she gets home, she sees that nobody is home so she lets herself in. She decides that she will go up into her room for a little while and read.  That is how her mother finds her when she comes home from bingo late at night. There is one other thing that you must know about Matilda: she is very intelligent. She can read any literature by any author, and she is only 5 year old!

Matilda always begs her mom and dad to let her goo to school. One rainy day they say “fine“. Matilda is filled with joy. There is just one thing that Matilda does not know about this school, in this particular school, the headmistress is the meanest anyone can imagine. She tortures the kids real bad and goes hard on them like they did something wrong.

On her first day  of school Miss Trunchbull ( headmistress ) marches them all inside a big brick building that is their school, but looks like a jail. All of the 5 year old kids, including Matilda and her newly found brave friend, Lavender, shiver at the sight of all the kids disappearing into this place of doom. When they get to their classes, then Matilda, Lavender and all the other little kids are happy to see that their teacher is kind and loving. Her name is Miss Honey. When the whole class is seated, then Miss Honey asks them all sorts of hard questions that they will learn later on in the year. She is shocked to find that Matilda is the only one that knows all the correct answers to the questions. She announced to the class to not worry and that in a few weeks they will know how to do that too. Of coarse Miss Honey knew that that was not true.

On Thursday while the class was learning the 2 times table, Miss Honey announced that Miss Trunchbull’s tradition was to go into every class and take over the lesson for one period once a week in every classroom. On Thursdays right after lunch was Matilda’s class’s turn. When the class got into their classroom, the Trunchbull was not there yet, so all of the kids sat quietly at their desks. Suddenly they heard stomping in the halls coming towards their classroom and they all sat up straighter.The Trunchbull does not walk she stomp, when she got in the classroom she noted that there was a water jug on the table like there was supposed to be. She went and sat down into the teacher’s chair and took the water jug and without looking she poured herself a glass of water. She put it up to her lips, then screamed and jumped back at the sight in her water jug; there was a neut in it! Matilda hated  the Trunchbull like any other student in the school would so she wished with all of her heart that the glass would tip over, and spill all of its contents onto the Trunchbull. She started to focus very hard and she felt thousands of millions of little hands shooting out of her eyes and trying to tip over the glass. After a few minutes it tipped over! Matilda had found her power! Miss Trunchbull started screaming even louder, then fainted.

The next day Matilda went over to Miss Honey’s cottage and they talked about school. When they got back to Matilda’s house her mother, father and brother were running around the house packing, and Matilda’d dad told her that they are leaving to go to Spain and never coming back! So Matilda begged them to let her stay with Miss Honey, and her mom said, “let her stay if she wants to, it’s one less for us“, and they drove off into the distance.

The next day in school, the Trunchbull did not show up, and her house was empty, so they put Matilda into the classes with the 11 year old kids, so she could study at her own learning level.

Matilda, Miss Honey and all the rest of the school was very happy.

I personally loved this book and I recommend it for all ages. It is an amazing book!:)