In January 2015 I had an Ice Skating Institute (ISI) competition in Lake Placid, NY. I competed in Light Entertainment Silver, and Interpretive Silver.

There were over 400 skaters representing 19 skating clubs from six states.

Light Entertainment Program

Light Entertainment is when you have a skating program to music and you tell a story or act out a character. I was the scarecrow from “The Wizard Of Oz.” In my category, at my level, there were five skaters including me. I got first place. :)

Interpretive Performance

Interpretive is when you make up a program on the spot to music that was just given to you. In my group there were eight people and we went on the ice to warm up and they played the music twice. Then we were led to a room where we waited until the person before us got on the ice. Then they took the next skater out to the rink and we sat in a chair that was facing away from the rink and got to listen to the music one more time while the other person was performing. The music that we were given was Uptown Funk. I got third place in this category.

Finals Under the Spotlight

If you get first place in your group in Light Entertainment, you qualify for finals under the spotlight. Spotlight is when they make the rink dark and you preform the same program that you did for Light Entertainment, in a spotlight. It is a more relaxed event but it is also a competition. In the finals under the spotlight I got third place also out of eight people.

1st Place Trophy for My Skating Club for Collective Effort

There were several skaters representing my skating club and our team collectively won a 1st Place trophy for Collective Effort! We were so happy and proud. It was or first time at this competition. Even our local newspaper wrote about it:


First Place Trophy With the Skating Club's Competitors in the Newspaper

First place trophy with the skating club’s competitors in the local news!

I hope that you liked seeing the video and information about my competition. Please let me know if you would like to see these types of posts more often. Also let me know what types of other things you would like me to post. Thanks for looking at this!

<3 Adria