Human Permanence Through Photography

the rock beach at chimney bluffs, very old imagey old, black and white image

the rock beach at chimney bluffs, a woman in old english clothing is looking out at the water
the rock beach at chimney bluffs, a woman standing in a 50's red dress, looking at the camera, the image looks old
the rock beach at chimney bluffs, a woman in modern hiking clothes looks at the camera, image appears current
the rock beach at chimney bluffs, modern and dark, with a pile of clothing to represent the permanence of humans on the planet

A special thank you to Clara Rose Tyrel for being my model and braving the -10 C, rainy, windy weather to help me with this project.

Now you as a reader may be wondering what the purpose of this series of images is, the title will give you the hint but I will also explain my thoughts when creating this series. However, I first would like to urge you to come up with your own conclusion to the message behind my images, as that is the real purpose. I want people to come up with their own interpretation.

The assignment for this series came from an environmental photo class I was taking at school, I got inspired by the prompt and decided to make a whole series. I wanted to showcase the reality that humans have such a significant impact on the environment, especially when they are gone. The damage and changes that humans can make to a landscape over time is immense. So at the end of the day, there is no one sentence I can give you about this series because it is designed for personal interpretation and reflection.

I hope you enjoyed :)

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