Only two years ago, I did not know how to do any complicated braids and for that matter, I did not even know how to french braid! I started watching videos on YouTube and I slowly picked up tips from all sorts of different videos. After about a month of practicing, I finally perfected it. I then decided a few months later that I wanted to make my own blog post and pull together a how to french braid your hair tutorial for those who are just getting started. I hope it helps you! 

view of the whole finished french braid.

finished french braid

See the step-by-step directions with pictures below them. Leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Step One

Start off by brushing your hair all the way through so it does not have any knots in it. Then brush it all back so that there is no longer a visible part in the front.

manikin head with hair being brushed back.

brushing hair back

Step Two

Pick up a section that goes from about one mid eyebrow to the other mid eyebrow by pulling your hair back about an inch and lifting it up.

picking up a section of hair on top of the head.

sectioning off hair from your mid eyebrows

Split this hair into three sections and do one complete stitch of a regular braid. One stitch is crossing three times into the center. For example, I prefer crossing from the right first, so I would go right, left, right. It does not matter which side you start on, whatever is more comfortable to you. (If you do not know how to braid yet, I recommend you learn that first before trying more complicated things.)

separating section into three pieces.

hair split into three same size sections

one stitch of a regular braid with section.

first stitch complete!

Step Three

Cross over for the fourth time and then take a piece of hair, about 1/2 inch wide, from the side you crossed from and add it to the now-middle section. These two pieces now combine to form one section. The easiest way to pick up that piece of hair is to hold the braid you have with one hand and with the other hand, pick up the section and add it in.

hair being added into braid.

adding in first piece of hair from one side

hair has been added into the section.

hair added in

Step Four

Now do the same on the other side. Continue adding hair on each side as you braid down your head. When you run out of hair to add at the nape of the neck, finish it in a regular braid and tie off with an elastic.

top view of finished french braid.

top view of finished french braid

back view of finished french braid.

back view of finished braid

back view of finished french braid.

another back view of finished braid

view of the whole finished french braid.

whole braid!

You might not get it on your first try, but do not be discouraged! It takes practice! I would love to know if you have any more tips to add or if you have a question. Please write in the comments below :).

<3 Adria