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EMS® Women’s Feather Pack Jacket Review

A few weeks ago I ordered an EMS® Women’s Feather Pack Jacket and have been using it since. Since I live in a cold climate, I have been getting great use out of it and so far I love it! Before I purchased it I noticed that there is only one review online and it’s for the men’s model; so here is my review and experience with the product. Hope you enjoy!

The Facts

What I Like:

  • lightweight
  • warm
  • stands water
  • perfect for backpacking/ outdoors


  • runs small
  • colors are different in real life


Below I have inserted the size chart that is currently on the EMS website:

The extremely reliable size chart :)

This jacket runs small so if you are considering purchasing one, I recommend to get a size up; especially if you are like me and planning to wear lots of layers when you go out. I have many sweaters, jackets and other products from EMS and they are all size S. After checking the size chart on the website, I concluded that once more I should purchase that size. When the jacket arrived and I tried it on, it was a bit tight. I had to send it back and get a size up.


I purchased my jacket in the “Sparrow” color and I was a little surprised when I received it; the color is different and a bit darker than what they show on their website. Below are pictures of both, the first one is the EMS picture and the second one is my own picture:

The picture on the EMS website

My picture

It definitely looks more purple in real life. I actually like it even more in the darker, more purple color.

Pack-ability, Weight and Insulation

When compacted into the internal stow-away pouch, the jacket compresses into about the size of a football. Even then you can pack it a bit more if you press the air out. This feature is something I like in all my jackets. It is especially good if you are going backpacking or on a long trip because it does not take up much space and is lightweight.

The compacted jacket

If you are packing for a long trip and are carrying many things, the weight is important. For women’s M the weight is 11.5 grams. It fits right in the bottom of my backpack and I can barely feel the weight.

As you may know the jacket is insulated with Downtek which is both warm and good with water. To find out more about Downtek, click here to visit the website or watch the video below:


I think this is a wonderful jacket and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and people who love the outdoors.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below!