Whats even in my head 1

So i’m not sure what i’m trying to achieve with this or if it will even go anywhere. This may be something that I look back at in a few years and laugh thinking why the hell did I think I could do this or wanted to do this. For a summary of whats going on this will be a blog series where I write about random stuff at random points in my life when I feel a huge change coming on or lost or something. But here goes nothing:

Right now as I am starting this it is May 25, 2019, a Saturday. Thursday was my last day of high school ever which is wild. I have been ready to be done with school for, well about 4 years but really ready to move on and be done for the past 4ish months. And I am not the only one, all of us seniors slowly demolished and suffered then had to pull ourselves together for the end of the school year. Y’all in younger years think you have senioritis or even first semester seniors think they have it but lemme tall you oh boy do you have something coming. But I am getting off topic, this is not what I am trying to talk about here. Or is it? I don’t even know and i’m the one writing the damn thing.

Well as I was saying high school is done done and summer and graduation and such is coming. I have been dreaming of all of this, it is what got me through the last few months of high school. And I didn’t think I would be fazed at all when it got here but I guess I am. Its just crazy to think that I will never go back to high school again. Don’t get me wrong I am so happy to graduate and move on and I am not sad to leave at all at all. But it is still crazy to think its all over. It is just a little mind-blowing.

That’s about all I have to say, I am so excited for summer and college I cant freekin wait wow. But yea that’s all I have to say for now and I wanted to write it down so I remember and maybe someone reads it who is wondering about this time or someone in the same place as me right now idk. I hope you enjoyed.

Till next crazy time – Adria

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