So I promise that this is the best vegan mac you will every try. It is vegan approved, and non- vegan approved. It is also a loose non-traditional recipe, not too many measurements, very easy to make your own and substitute however you would like. Hope you enjoy!


  • 1 lb elbow pasta (or any pasta)
  • broccoli cut into small florets
  • your favorite plant based meat ( I usually go for the “beyond” brand)
  • about a stick of plant based butter (I always prefer ones made with avocado oil)
  • half and onion chopped up
  • spicy pepper chopped up, as much as you like (can also use a spice like cayenne pepper powder or leave the spice out all together)
  • flour, about 4-5 tablespoons
  • unsweetened plant based milk
  • a cup of water to use as needed
  • 1 bag grated vegan cheese (I also add a few extra slices to make it extra cheesy)
  • nutritional yeast (I recommend getting it off of amazon in bulk to save money)
  • salt and pepper to season
  • turmeric for color (optional)

INstructions: Pasta, broccoli, plant meat

  • start by boiling enough water to cook both the pasta and broccoli
  • be sure to salt your water
  • while waiting for the water to boil, cook your plant based meat and put to the side when done (note: you do not need to season the meat)
  • when the water boils, add the pasta and after about 5 mins add the broccoli
  • while that cooks, start on the sauce (instructions below)
  • when pasta and broccoli are done, strain and leave on the side

Instructions: cheese sauce to the end

  • using a large sauce pan (enough to hold the whole finished product) melt a bit less than half a stick of butter and saute onion and pepper
  • when cooked, add the rest of the butter and stir
  • when the butter melts, add flour until you get a thick paste-like consistency
  • add milk slowly and stir until you get a creamy consistency
  • add the bag of cheese and melt
  • add any extra cheese
  • at this point if it is too thick, add some water as needed
  • add about a half cup of nutritional yeast and mix
  • season with salt, pepper
  • pinch of turmeric to add color
  • add in meat and stir
  • add in pasta and broccoli and stir
  • all done!
  • optional: top with toasted bread crumbs to serve

That’s it! If anything is unclear in the recipe, feel free to message me and I can clear it up. This is a very flexible recipe so have fun and experiment with it!