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Kennecott, Alaska’s Fallen Copper Kingdom

In school we were tasked with reading the newspaper every other week, choosing one article about a current event and writing a summary about it. This is my first summary that I did for school and I am going to do them every two weeks so I will be posting the ones I like the most. So look for them!

The first article I chose was “Alaska’s Fallen Copper Kingdom” by Diane Cole in the Wall Street Journal.The author of the article traveled to Kennecott, Alaska and she wrote this article about the history of the copper mining in this town.  In this post I will also talk about my experiences at Kennecott when I visited it this summer.

Newspaper article about Kennecott mines in Alaska.

This is the newspaper article about the Kennecott mines in Alaska that I used for my school project.

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My Visit to Middleton Place Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina

On my trip during spring break, I visited a plantation called Middleton Place. It is an old plantation at the banks of the Ashley River just outside Charleston, South Carolina.

Visitors' guide booklet to Middleton Place. Read more

Landing My Loop Jump

One Saturday as I got on the ice and warmed up for my figure skating private lesson with my coach. She told me that we were going to work on some elements from my Preliminary Moves test. Once we finished, she said ” OK, now let me see your Loop Jump.” So I went on the line and did my Loop. After a few more times landing it, she said ” OK, now on the circle.” and I said “But I never learned how to!”

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Stolen Words by Amy Goldman Koss, Cover Illustration by Jean-Claude Gotting – Book Review

Stolen Words is a book about how a family overcomes their sadness about their Aunt Beth, who died in a car accident with Mom sitting right next to her. The car accident happened because of black ice. Mom is in an especially big depression not only because Aunt Beth was her sister but also because she was sitting next to her in the car when she died.

Book cover of Stolen Words by Amy Goldman Koss.

This is the cover of Stolen Words. I think the artwork is very nice; I like how it’s a painting but it looks like a real picture. The contrast is very nice and detailed.

A girl named Robyn and her family, consisting of her, Mom, Dad, and her little brother Joey, go to Vienna, Austria for a vacation. Robyn has high hopes for their vacation because she hopes that it will help Mom overcome her sadness and brig the family back together.

When they got to Vienna, they went to their first hotel and it turned out to be so beautiful that it was unbelievable. It was a luxury hotel that had golden trims, fuzzy bathrobes and amazing food. Mom still wasn’t talking or smiling so she probably didn’t even care.  In the morning Joey wanted to climb a tower, so they did.

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Step Inside Egypt, by Ronne Randall, Illustrated by Bryan Palmer – Book Review


The cover of the book Step Inside Egypt.

The cover of the book Step Inside Egypt, by Ronne Randall

Egypt is a country in Africa. The Nile River is the life sourse for Egypt. One of the earliest civilizations started in Egypt. Egypt is also a wonderful place to learn about. Here are some cool and fun facts to help you start learning about Egypt. Have fun! Read more

Matilda, By Ronald Dahl, Illustrated by Quentin Blake – Book Review

In a big house in the country, lived Matilda with her Mother, Father and brother. Matilda is an extraordinary girl because she loves to read. In a normal household reading is a part of every day life, not in this family. All that Matilda’s Mother, Father and brother would ever do, was watch TV and yell at Matilda for any old reason.

Father is a rotten, cheating car seller. He would do illegal tricks to make the car look new, and sell the cars for more than they are worth! Read more

The Puerto Rican Parrot Informational Report

Amazona Vittata

Pictures and facts about the Puerto Rican Parrot.

This is my fact board about the Puerto Rican Parrot for a 5th grade endangered species project.


In 1492 in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican Parrot’s population thrived with approximately one million parrots. But after Christopher Columbus came to Puerto Rico in 1506 and the Spaniards began to settle the island the parrot’s habitat became destroyed. The Spaniards started cutting down the Palo Colorado tree which was the nesting tree of the Puerto Rican Parrot. This tree was a great material for building ships. As a result the population of the parrot was affected and started to drop. Read more

The Wizard of Oz, By L. Frank Baum, Illustrated by Pablo Marcos Studio – Book Review

This review was also for my 5th grade class. I got a 95, I am so happy!
The book The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum takes place in old Kansas and in the magical and mysterious Land of Oz. This classic is illustrated with black and white drawings by Pablo Marcos Studio.
Book Cover Of The Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum, illustrated by Pablo Marcos Studio

Book Cover Of The Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum, illustrated by Pablo Marcos Studio

The main character in the book is Dorothy, a farm girl from Kansas. Dorothy is a very helpful girl because she disintegrated the Wicked Witch of the West and took away all of the munchkins’ fears. Dorothy kept being positive when she was getting carried to the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle and was thinking of how to get out of the castle, not feeling sorry for herself. Read more

Thoroughbred – Ashleigh’s Hope, By Joanna Campbell – Book Review

This book review is a review that I wrote as a project for my 5th grade class. (I got 100 on it!!) :) <3. I recommend this book for kids who love horses.

This book takes place in present Kentucky horse country on a farm called Edgardale. The genre of the book is realistic fiction. Ashleigh’s Hope is the last book in the Thoroughbred series of 8 books.

Book cover of Thoroughbred - Ashleigh’s Hope By Joanna Campbell

Book cover of Thoroughbred – Ashleigh’s Hope By Joanna Campbell

The main character of this book is Ashleigh. She is obsessed with horses and uses all of her free time for horseback riding. Her favorite thing to do on horses is to ride fast. When she is galloping her Shetland pony, Moe, she feels like she belongs in the wind and on a fast racing horse. Read more

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