My Six Hour Layover in Oslo, Norway

Doing spirals and yoga by the opera house.

On our way to visit family in Eastern Europe, we had six hours between flights to explore Oslo, Norway. We only had about two hours in the city, but in that time we were able to see many things. What a great alternative that was to sitting in the airport for hours. We summarized our visit in pictures below of specific places we got to visit around this very sweet Scandinavian city. Continue reading “My Six Hour Layover in Oslo, Norway”

How To French Braid Hair; Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures

view of the whole finished french braid.

Only two years ago, I did not know how to do any complicated braids and for that matter, I did not even know how to french braid! I started watching videos on YouTube and I slowly picked up tips from all sorts of different videos. After about a month of practicing, I finally perfected it. I then decided a few months later that I wanted to make my own blog post and pull together a how to french braid your hair tutorial for those who are just getting started. I hope it helps you!  Continue reading “How To French Braid Hair; Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures”

My Experience at Camp DeBruce Sleepover Camp

UPDATE: I went to Camp DeBruce for three yeas. This post is about my experiences in 2012 and I added my 2015 update below it.

Introduction to Camp DeBruce

The first week of July, I went to Camp DeBruce, a DEC environmental camp where I learned about animals, habitats, ecology and the environment. We slept in cabins every night for a week, only one night did we not sleep in our cabins. At this camp we are not permitted to have electronics other than a camera. This is common at many environmental camps because you get most out of the camp if you disconnect from the world and connect with nature and people while you are there. I know this may sound a bit crazy to some people like it did to me at first, but it is so worth it. The camp would definitely not be the same if there was the distraction of electronics. It is very nice to just leave everything behind and disconnect from the world for a bit :)

The Messy Cabins At Camp DeBruce
When we all got to Camp DeBruce on our first day, we put all of our things outside of our cabins and it made a real big mess!

The Overnight

That was when we had the overnight. On the overnight we hiked through the woods to a place where we set up our tents and slept there for the night. Continue reading “My Experience at Camp DeBruce Sleepover Camp”

Lake Placid ISI Championships Competition 2015

First Place Trophy With the Skating Club's Competitors in the Newspaper

In January 2015 I had an Ice Skating Institute (ISI) competition in Lake Placid, NY. I competed in Light Entertainment Silver, and Interpretive Silver.

There were over 400 skaters representing 19 skating clubs from six states.

Here is the video that I uploaded to YouTube of all of my performances:

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Handmade DIY Advent Calendar

Am I the only one running around stores in the beginning of December trying to find advent calendars and can’t find any? This year I decided that I have had enough! I am going to make my own. I wanted something different, fun, handmade, and unique. As I was planning out the design, I was like “Hey, this would be a good blog post and YouTube video… YES!” So, I made it and have been editing it for the past few days. I am so sorry that it is a bit late in December, but I still decided to post it.

finished calendar

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Hiking in Mills Norrie and Ogden & Ruth Livingston Mills State Parks, Hudson Valley, NY

Heart shape made of rocks at Mills Norrie and Ogden State Park.

In the autumn my family and I decided to do a series of hikes in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. We went to Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park (also called Mills Norrie State Park) on our first visit and then on our second visit we hiked in Ogden and Ruth Livingston Mills State Park. The White Trail is 4 miles there and back, from the marina to the Staatsburg Mansion. Both times I took videos and vlog my whole experience. Those videos are embedded in this post below and you can also see them on YouTube. We did these two hikes in two half days, but you can easily do them both in a day.

Map of Mills Norrie State Park
We will be hiking the White Trail.

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Hiking Up Mount Beacon

Standing on the ledge overlooking Beacon and the river.

In May of 2014 I went hiking at Mt. Beacon, in Dutchess County, NY with my family. Mount Beacon got its name after the beacon fires used at the summit by the Continental Army as warning signals during the Revolutionary War. Then in the 1920s there was a popular casino and hotel at the top of the mountain, which burned down in a fire.

Trail head with information for the hike.
Mt Beacon trail head information station.

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Hiking at Shaupeneak Ridge – White and Purple Trails to the Waterfall

The cascading waterfall at the end of our hike on the Purple Trail at Shaupeneak.

The everlasting snow was finally melting away when on a nice March Sunday I went hiking at Shaupeneak Ridge Cooperative Recreation Area with Fresh Air Parent and a group of friends. Shaupeneak Ridge is a 790 acre recreational area in the Town of Esopus in eastern Ulster County, New York. It offers more than seven miles of easy to moderate hiking trails with several overlooks and beautiful scenery. At the end of the Purple Trail there is a cascading waterfall that was halfway frozen when we hiked to it. The Red Trail has a nice overlook over the Hudson River.There is Luisa Pond at the top of the ridge with an easy trail that loops around the pond. The Green Trail is a mountain biking trail.

Shaupeneak Ridge trail guide map at the start of the White Trail.
Shaupeneak Ridge trail guide map.

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Easy Step-By-Step Video: Rainbow Loom Single Bracelet Directions

In this Rainbow Loom easy video tutorial I am going to teach you step-by-step how to make a Rainbow Loom single bracelet.Some people also call this type of bracelet the chain bracelet or the loop bracelet.

The single bracelet is the easiest bracelet that you can make on the Rainbow Loom. If you are just starting to make these rubber band bracelets this is the one that you should start with.

Kennecott, Alaska’s Fallen Copper Kingdom

In school we were tasked with reading the newspaper every other week, choosing one article about a current event and writing a summary about it. This is my first summary that I did for school and I am going to do them every two weeks so I will be posting the ones I like the most. So look for them!

The first article I chose was “Alaska’s Fallen Copper Kingdom” by Diane Cole in the Wall Street Journal.The author of the article traveled to Kennecott, Alaska and she wrote this article about the history of the copper mining in this town.  In this post I will also talk about my experiences at Kennecott when I visited it this summer.

Newspaper article about Kennecott mines in Alaska.
This is the newspaper article about the Kennecott mines in Alaska that I used for my school project.

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