One Saturday as I got on the ice and warmed up for my figure skating private lesson with my coach. She told me that we were going to work on some elements from my Preliminary Moves test. Once we finished, she said ” OK, now let me see your Loop Jump.” So I went on the line and did my Loop. After a few more times landing it, she said ” OK, now on the circle.” and I said “But I never learned how to!”

So she taught me. I made my own mini “circle” and I tried it. After a few tries, I finally landed it. After landing them a few times, i asked “Now can I go to the middle circle and try it there?” My coach said “Sure, if you want to.” So I did and when I got there I kept landing them and landing them! I was sooo happy.

After my private lesson I went to my mom to show her and she was very proud of me. Then my mom and I did our Loop’s together, and I am very happy.

Some things that you have to work on to get your loop good are:

  • in-air position
  • landing position
  • back spin
  • Loop on the wall
  • marking your Loop
  • Loop on the line
  • half loop on circle
  • Loop on the circle
  • Loop into backspin

This story is based on me actually landing my loop jump in figure skating. I was very exited when I did, and I can now do my Loop on the line and on a circle. If any other figure skaters  read this, tell me your own stories of landing your Loop or any other jump. Please do comment at the bottom of the page!