In the autumn my family and I decided to do a series of hikes in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. We went to Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park (also called Mills Norrie State Park) on our first visit and then on our second visit we hiked in Ogden and Ruth Livingston Mills State Park. The White Trail is 4 miles there and back, from the marina to the Staatsburg Mansion. Both times I took videos and vlog my whole experience. Those videos are embedded in this post below and you can also see them on YouTube. We did these two hikes in two half days, but you can easily do them both in a day.

Map of Mills Norrie State Park

We will be hiking the White Trail.

Part One: Starting the White Trail in Mills Norrie State Park

Mills Norrie State Park is located at 9 Old Post Rd, Staatsburg, NY. In the park there is a Marina, kayak rentals, camp sites, hiking trails and even cabins that you can rent. My family and I parked at the Marina and were planning to take the White Trail, which according to the map was supposed to start at the parking lot. We couldn’t find the beginning of the trail! We asked a worker who was at the Marina and he told us that the first part of the trail is overgrown and to walk back up the road, cross the bridge and the trail will be on our left.

So we did just that, and there it was! We were happy that we could get started with our adventure. The trail winds through the forest along the banks of the Hudson River with many beautiful lookouts and hidden beaches. It is a quite easy trail but has some smaller climbs at some points in the trail. We ended our first adventure by the pavilion and parking lot before you go into Ogden and Ruth Livingston Mills State Park.

Here is my video of this hike, and please check out the second part of the hike to the Staatsburg Mansion below.

I took my dog, Muppet, with us for this hike. He had some really funny moments so I included some at the end of the video.

Part Two: Continuing on the White Trail in Ogden and Ruth Livingston Mills State Park

We continued our hike on the White Trail the next weekend. We parked by the pavilion where we stopped our last week’s hike in Mills Norrie State Park. We headed up the gravel road and on the left there was the continuation of the White Trail into Ogden and Ruth Livingston Mills State Park.

This part of the White Trail does not take as long to hike, and is higher up with less beaches but it does have more lookouts onto the Hudson River. This one is a tiny bit harder than the last one but it is definitely worth it.

My favorite part of this section of the White Trail was when we discovered Tooth Rock Cove. It is a small inlet with a “big personality” with all sorts of magical surprises and it felt like it was from a fairy tale. The trees had long roots that looked like they were braided together. This place obviously inspired others because we found careful collections of beautiful small rocks and beach glass, messages and poems on trees and in small boxes. Make sure you look for this place when you hike here.

At the end, of the White Trail it intersects with the Blue Trail and  we got onto the Blue Trail for a short walk to go and look at Staatsburg Mansion.

During this hike I had some fun and hilarious moments and I included a few of them at the end of this video.

I hope this blog post and videos inspired you to go hike the trail. If you already hiked here I’d love to hear how you liked it and what your favorite parts were.

If you have any questions about this hike please ask in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer.