Handmade DIY Advent Calendar

Am I the only one running around stores in the beginning of December trying to find advent calendars and can’t find any? This year I decided that I have had enough! I am going to make my own. I wanted something different, fun, handmade, and unique. As I was planning out the design, I was like “Hey, this would be a good blog post and YouTube video… YES!” So, I made it and have been editing it for the past few days. I am so sorry that it is a bit late in December, but I still decided to post it.

finished calendar

I included the YouTube video of me making the advent calendar below :) and there is a supplies list and step-by-step instructions, with pictures, under the video:


  • Duct Tape
  • Decorations
  • Old business cards or index cards
  • Fabric and paper scissors
  • Fabric glue or other strong glue
  • Pen
  • Cardboard
  • Holiday fabric

Step One:

Cut out your cardboard to the size you would like it.cutting out the cardboard

Step Two:

Cut out the fabric and inch bigger on all sides than the cardboard.cut out the fabric

Step Three:

Tape the fabric to the back.

fabric on cardboard

Step Four:

Cut out a pocket pattern and then cut out 24 pockets.all the pockets cut out

Step Five:

Glue on the pockets and let it dry overnight.all the pockets glued on

Step Six:

Decorate!gluing on the decorations

Step Seven:

Write little notes on the old business cards and stick one in each pocket.writing activities on back of business cards

Step Eight:

Write Merry Christmas or the name of any other holiday on the bottom with the extra business card scraps.gluing on Merry Christmas

finished gluing the merry christmas

Step Nine:


I hope you liked it and leave a comment for what other holiday videos and blog posts you would like me to make. Happy Holidays! <3 Adria

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