My Top 13 Tips for Minors Traveling Alone

From my experiences of traveling alone as a minor in the past years, I have complied a list of what I find to by my best tips for traveling alone.

  1. Bring something so you are able to contact your parents or guardians
  2. Make sure you have food  so you have something to snack on and gum so your ears don’t pop during takeoff or landing
  3. Make sure to dress comfortably
  4. Try and get either a window or aisle seat so you can look out the window/sleep or get out of your seat easily if you are on the aisle
  5. Do your hair so that when you lean back against the seat it does not get in the way or is uncomfortable
  6. If you wear contacts, travel in your glasses and put them in later; it is not fun to wake up after accidentally falling asleep in contacts xD
  7. Always have extra warm clothes because I always get cold when I am traveling
  8. Bring a book so that you have something to read
  9. If i travel during the school year I always bring my homework so i don’t have to keep thinking about having to do it when I come back so I can enjoy where I am going much more :)
  10. I always like to bring my phone (remember chargers!) or anything else I may have to play music off of because one of my favorite things to do while traveling is listening to music
  11. If my travel time is long I usually bring earplugs so I can sleep on the plane
  12. Take a direct flight even though it is more expensive it is worth it so you don’t have to wait for layovers and it is not as stressful (same goes for direct trains or busses)
  13. Make sure that you trust who is picking you up and confirm that they will be there before you leave

When I traveled alone for the 1st time the airline that I flew with had an unaccompanied minor program where they let my mom come in the airport all the way to the gate where I was flying from so that helped me relax a little bit and I was not as nervous that I was traveling all by myself. While I was on the plane there was a flight attendant always checking in on me to make sure that I was doing ok. Also if I was hungry they would bring me something to eat. When I arrived at my destination I had to wait until everyone got off of the plane and then a flight attendant took me to who is picking me up.

Since, I have travelled many times on my own and this list has helped me make sure that I remember everything and feel prepared and comfortable every time I travel.


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