College: The Summer Before Freshman Year

Whats up, so as of right now it is about a month until I move into college. I will be going to SUNY ESF in Syracuse NY, majoring in ERE (aka environmental resources engineering). The summer before college is absolutely crazy, a bit crazier than I expected. Granted I already had a busy summer planned outside of moving out. There is so much to think about when preparing to move out and such, but I am basically ready. I have compiled a list of everything that I personally needed to do before freshman year to prepare to live away from home and I thought I would share it. You never know who may stumble upon my tiny blog and find this helpful :).

School Related:

  • buy laptop (or check if current fits major credentials)
  • pack up school supplies: rocketbook (super cool eco friendly reusable notebook!), folders, pens and pencils, sticky notes, binder clips, etc.
  • apply for as many scholarships as available
  • do summer assignments
  • set up portals, logins and emails

At Home:

  • get drivers licence
  • apply for credit card to start building credit
  • pack as much as I can clothing wise
  • buy everything for the dorm and pack that up (I was done with this by early July, I found that everything was a lot more manageable to get everything done the earlier I started) also if you have a roommate make sure you coordinate on shared things!
  • find a bank branch in Syracuse or a no-fee ATM


  • I made sure to hang out with all my friends before I left for camps and such, friends are always important even  if you done see each other every day anymore :)
  • Also this one was hard, before starting my new life in college and studying, I made sure to not continue any friendships that I was not comfortable in, you do not want to bring that negativity with you when perusing your dreams :)
  • I also made sure to spend time with my parents, I will not be seeing then as much anymore so I wanted to spend some nice quality time with them before I left
  • I will be leaving for camp very soon! another super important place and activity for me to reconnect

The Week Before I Leave:

  • Finish packing all my clothes, I work only clothes I was leaving at home so I did not need to do more laundry before I left home
  • Pack up nay room items
  • Do some grocery shopping

And that basically all! I am planning on doing another blogpost on exactly what I packed for college where I can go into my clothing and supplies.

Hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful!

Till next time, Adria


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