My Bio

headshot in trees

Hey i’m Adria!

Here is some background on me so you can get to know me a bit :)

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Backpacking the Napali Coast Kalalau Trail

The red, dry dirt section of the Kalalau Trail.

A few years ago my family and a family who we often travel with, went on a trip to Hawaii! While we were there we visited three islands, including the Island of Kauai, which was most definitely everyone’s favorite. The highlight of our trip to Kauai, was our 26-mile backpacking trip on the Kalalau Trail over the span of three days. If you have never heard of this trail, it winds along the edge of the Northwest shore of the island weaving to and from the coast and into the lush, narrow valleys and canyons. The mountains are absolutely beautiful (this world doesn’t even come close to describing how breathtaking they are) and the views are stunning throughout the whole hike. Continue reading “Backpacking the Napali Coast Kalalau Trail”

How To Dutch Braid

A while ago I shared with you all how to french braid, my favorite simple braid at the time is the dutch braid. It is very similar to the french braid but reverse! I feel like it is actually easier than the french braid, but that is just how my hands move. So here I am today to show you how to dutch braid! Like last time I will have steps with pictures. Enjoy! Continue reading “How To Dutch Braid”

My Top 13 Tips for Minors Traveling Alone

From my experiences of traveling alone as a minor in the past years, I have complied a list of what I find to by my best tips for traveling alone. Continue reading “My Top 13 Tips for Minors Traveling Alone”

What I Pack For Environmental Sleepover Camp

My packing list on two sides of a notebook with check boxes in front of each item so I can check of the items as needed.

For the past three years, I have been going to a DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) sleep-away camp. It is (so far) my absolute favorite camp I have ever been to because I love the outdoors and the environment. I always learn new exciting things when I am there and I love to return every year. (Click here to see my past blogposts about this camp.)This summer of 2016 I will be returning into the program as a volunteer! I am super excited and am already starting to pack when I have 4 weeks before i go xD. I personally love lists and I decided to make a blogpost for those people who do not like them. Here is my list that I have made up over 3 years for what I find the best to take to environmental camp. Please keep in mind that my list is applied to one week of camp. Enjoy!

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My Six Hour Layover in Oslo, Norway

Doing spirals and yoga by the opera house.

On our way to visit family in Eastern Europe, we had six hours between flights to explore Oslo, Norway. We only had about two hours in the city, but in that time we were able to see many things. What a great alternative that was to sitting in the airport for hours. We summarized our visit in pictures below of specific places we got to visit around this very sweet Scandinavian city. Continue reading “My Six Hour Layover in Oslo, Norway”

How To French Braid Hair; Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures

view of the whole finished french braid.

Only two years ago, I did not know how to do any complicated braids and for that matter, I did not even know how to french braid! I started watching videos on YouTube and I slowly picked up tips from all sorts of different videos. After about a month of practicing, I finally perfected it. I then decided a few months later that I wanted to make my own blog post and pull together a how to french braid your hair tutorial for those who are just getting started. I hope it helps you!  Continue reading “How To French Braid Hair; Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures”

My Experience at Camp DeBruce Sleepover Camp

UPDATE: I went to Camp DeBruce for three yeas. This post is about my experiences in 2012 and I added my 2015 update below it.

Introduction to Camp DeBruce

The first week of July, I went to Camp DeBruce, a DEC environmental camp where I learned about animals, habitats, ecology and the environment. We slept in cabins every night for a week, only one night did we not sleep in our cabins. At this camp we are not permitted to have electronics other than a camera. This is common at many environmental camps because you get most out of the camp if you disconnect from the world and connect with nature and people while you are there. I know this may sound a bit crazy to some people like it did to me at first, but it is so worth it. The camp would definitely not be the same if there was the distraction of electronics. It is very nice to just leave everything behind and disconnect from the world for a bit :)

The Messy Cabins At Camp DeBruce
When we all got to Camp DeBruce on our first day, we put all of our things outside of our cabins and it made a real big mess!

The Overnight

That was when we had the overnight. On the overnight we hiked through the woods to a place where we set up our tents and slept there for the night. Continue reading “My Experience at Camp DeBruce Sleepover Camp”

Lake Placid ISI Championships Competition 2015

First Place Trophy With the Skating Club's Competitors in the Newspaper

In January 2015 I had an Ice Skating Institute (ISI) competition in Lake Placid, NY. I competed in Light Entertainment Silver, and Interpretive Silver.

There were over 400 skaters representing 19 skating clubs from six states.

Here is the video that I uploaded to YouTube of all of my performances:

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