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The Absolute Best Vegan Mac & Cheese

So I promise that this is the best vegan mac you will every try. It is vegan approved, and non- vegan approved. It is also a loose non-traditional recipe, not too many measurements, very easy to make your own and substitute however you would like. Hope you enjoy!

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Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Updated recipe, I have an old Banana Bread recipe here that I made a few years ago, but now I am vegan so here is my new vegan-ized recipe! 

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Flax Egg Recipe

Flax eggs are a very useful tool in the world of vegan baking. Baking vegan can sometimes be a challenge because eggs,  a part of basically all recipes, hold the ingredients together. Many times when you just skip the egg, what you are baking falls apart or collapses. The easiest solution for this is making and using a flax egg as a replacement!

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Vegan Pesto Recipe

Pesto and gnocchi has always been one of my favorite meals. Ever since going vegan I have struggled to find the perfect pesto, so I decided I would stop looking in the stores and make my own. I wanted to share my recipe so that more people can enjoy classic pesto but vegan!

This recipe make about one cup of pesto.

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The Environment and Why I am Scared

So before I get into this I would like to say a few tings, I respect you and your opinion even if I do not agree; I am writing this because this is something I am passionate about and writing is also one of my passions I did more; lastly please don’t come for me, this is creative and not meant to start any arguments. Read more

Life Is a Chain Reaction

When a bomb goes off, you know before it blows. That is if you are the one setting it off. But that is rare, most of the time you are not. The fuse is lit, you run, others run because you are running. As the fuse burns up it gets closer, closer, closer to blowing. Chain reaction; all happening because you decided. Was it you or someone else? What lead to that final decision? I for one would love to know.

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Backpacking the Napali Coast Kalalau Trail

A few years ago my family and a family who we often travel with, went on a trip to Hawaii! While we were there we visited three islands, including the Island of Kauai, which was most definitely everyone’s favorite. The highlight of our trip to Kauai, was our 26-mile backpacking trip on the Kalalau Trail over the span of three days. If you have never heard of this trail, it winds along the edge of the Northwest shore of the island weaving to and from the coast and into the lush, narrow valleys and canyons. The mountains are absolutely beautiful (this world doesn’t even come close to describing how breathtaking they are) and the views are stunning throughout the whole hike. Read more