My Bio

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Hey i’m Adria!

Here is some background on me so you can get to know me a bit :)

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College: The Summer Before Freshman Year

Whats up, so as of right now it is about a month until I move into college. I will be going to SUNY ESF in Syracuse NY, majoring in ERE (aka environmental resources engineering). The summer before college is absolutely crazy, a bit crazier than I expected. Granted I already had a busy summer planned outside of moving out. There is so much to think about when preparing to move out and such, but I am basically ready. I have compiled a list of everything that I personally needed to do before freshman year to prepare to live away from home and I thought I would share it. You never know who may stumble upon my tiny blog and find this helpful :).

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The Environment and Why I am Scared

So before I get into this I would like to say a few tings, I respect you and your opinion even if I do not agree; I am writing this because this is something I am passionate about and writing is also one of my passions I did more; lastly please don’t come for me, this is creative and not meant to start any arguments. Continue reading “The Environment and Why I am Scared”

Life Is a Chain Reaction

When a bomb goes off, you know before it blows. That is if you are the one setting it off. But that is rare, most of the time you are not. The fuse is lit, you run, others run because you are running. As the fuse burns up it gets closer, closer, closer to blowing. Chain reaction; all happening because you decided. Was it you or someone else? What lead to that final decision? I for one would love to know.

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Backpacking the Napali Coast Kalalau Trail- With Video & Pictures

The red, dry dirt section of the Kalalau Trail.

A few years ago my family and a family who we often travel with, went on a trip to Hawaii! While we were there we visited three islands, including the Island of Kauai, which was most definitely everyone’s favorite. The highlight of our trip to Kauai, was our 26-mile backpacking trip on the Kalalau Trail over the span of three days. If you have never heard of this trail, it winds along the edge of the Northwest shore of the island weaving to and from the coast and into the lush, narrow valleys and canyons. The mountains are absolutely beautiful (this world doesn’t even come close to describing how breathtaking they are) and the views are stunning throughout the whole hike. Continue reading “Backpacking the Napali Coast Kalalau Trail- With Video & Pictures”

Easy Banana Bread From Scratch

  1. Ingredients

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How To Dutch Braid

A while ago I shared with you all how to french braid, my favorite simple braid at the time is the dutch braid. It is very similar to the french braid but reverse! I feel like it is actually easier than the french braid, but that is just how my hands move. So here I am today to show you how to dutch braid! Like last time I will have steps with pictures. Enjoy! Continue reading “How To Dutch Braid”

EMS® Women’s Feather Pack Jacket Review

A few weeks ago I ordered an EMS® Women’s Feather Pack Jacket and have been using it since. Since I live in a cold climate, I have been getting great use out of it and so far I love it! Before I purchased it I noticed that there is only one review online and it’s for the men’s model; so here is my review and experience with the product. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading “EMS® Women’s Feather Pack Jacket Review”

My Top 13 Tips for Minors Traveling Alone

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